College of Transformation, Education and Training

Delivering Quality Vocational Education and Training to
Southeast NSW, the Australian Capital Territory & across Australia

from CEO & Trainer - Jo Greenwood

Welcome to the College of Transformation, Education and Training (CTET).

We take your education seriously and ensure you have “personal” contact throughout your training. We take a holistic approach to education, equipping our students with the necessary Knowledge, Skills and Application/Attitude to “be”, and perform successfully in your chosen vocations.

The greatest "investment" you can ever make in your life is in your own education.  Your education and training are foundations, so getting your foundations right, will enable you to continually build on them for the rest of your life.  

We set out to make our training and your 
learning relevant, current, fun and interesting, so that all our students enjoy learning.  We take even more care with any of our students that have learning challenges. Our trainers are all experienced and current in their industries as well as being good trainers. 

With all our students, CTET sets out to create and encourage a love of life-long learning, competence in your vocational fields and confidence in your life skills. 

In the Australian Capital Territory CTET delivers Hairdressing and Hospitality training in Australian Apprenticeship program subsidised by the Education and Training Directorate,  ACT Government.

In NSW CTET is very pleased to be one of the Registered Training Organisations selected by the NSW Government's Smart and Skilled program  2015-2018.  We are contracted to deliver subsidised training in vocational courses determined by the government to be in skill-short areas. 
We are running courses and taking enrollments for in towns and cities across five regions of southeastern NSW, including the Riverina, Capital Region, Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven, Illawarra, and in the Sydney Region,  Macarthur to Sydney's Central Business District.  

Across Australia CTET also delivers specialist courses outside the ACT and NSW Government subsidised training, and we are also delivering training including women's economic development to Pacific Island Nations, for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

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So welcome to our college!

Joanne Greenwood

CEO & Trainer

Providing Quality Vocational Education and Training 
to South East NSW, the Australian Capital Territory,  & across Australia.

Further information about NSW Government Smart and Skilled Program can be found on the Smart and Skilled Website